Kingart Pictures is a hyphenated, multi-tasking, recalibrated-and-caffeinated concept-to-script, production-service-and-locations enterprise based in Brooklyn, NY. 
Mark hit the New York City streets to explore locations in 1994, near the height of the indie film boom. By 1996, the new The Location Station (TLS) was scouting and managing full-time in the a-maze-ing Big Apple. A sign in a Manhattan shop wryly rated Oz: There is no place like this place anyplace-–so this must be the place!
TLS has been on patrol and on set: A movie from Hyderabad, India in Brooklyn. A cosmetics spot on Park Avenue. Nike in Central Park. Movie comedy from China in Times Square. Network TV. Hollywood A-list. A securities commercial atop an office tower. TLS and Mark flew far away, too--to Buenos Aires and Morocco and Costa Rica (travel bug!); but most of the adventures have been in New York City and metro/tri-state. 
TLS assisted productions from UK, India, Japan, S. Korea, China, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Australia and Canada. Location managed 10 indie flicks and ~40 commercials, and scouted for 120+ other missions, from 3-man photo bands to movie armies. For producers, directors, DPs and photographers calling the shots for CBS, PBS, TNT, NBC, NTV (Japan), MBC (S. Korea), Discovery, HBO, Lions Gate, Miramax, Paramount, The Weinstein Company, Canon, DHL, Honda, HSBC, Hyundai, Intel, Mens Wearhouse, Nike, Time Warner Cable, Volvo Truck, and more.
Now: digital (r)evolution and the quantum growth of on-line and mobile platforms. TV and movies on pads and phones! A global sales-entertainment-info deluge 24/365 ! ... The Location Station also evolved, to Kingart Pictures. Some analogous algebra: A [22 years of locations expertise x writing in the super-loop of NYC] + B (√ creative insight/strategic synergy) = ∑ (a formula to write, production manage and brainstorm imagination into reality). 
People and businesses succeed by enabling others to succeed. Mark McKennon and Kingart want to help your quest for a vivid production: write a script–or build a schedule–retain a crew–or, of course, secure and manage locations. Kingart Pictures is ready for its close-ups.
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