So, A Good Concept, A Writer and a Producer Walk In To a Bar…

You have a fine idea for a movie, a short, a documentary or webisode, but you may need a team to help you on the next steps. Kingart Pictures can nurture your vision with thoughtful content, savvy analyses, locations expertise, and more. Life: Experience: Story. 

Kingart can write enter- and infotainment, appraise your present script draft or treatment, and prepare budgets for scripts that you deem ready for the next phase. Should you decide we’d make a good fit, our initial consultations will set the shape and scope of the collaboration. Then we’ll provide a succinct overview, a written estimate and a time line to draft or final. 
Brief bona fides: Mark graduated from the media and film hub of Boston University. He is a published co-author. He's an alum of one of the premier screenwriting development programs. His two decades in locations and production, his relationships with other creatives, and diverse and extensive interests—in arts and humanities, current events, media integration—and gusto for good stories assure keen craftsmanship.
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