You Produce…We Manage…And Find the Right Locations

You set a firm schedule to get the most from the script and the resources, on time and on budget. The producer, director and the rest of the team crunch, design, cast, and much more. Production management guides the ground game: scheduling, crew, vendors, from prep to wrap. Kingart Pictures provides reliable services to help you meet these goals. 

And...if your script recipe needs locations, scouting and management is our special sauce. We have worked in New York City/metro/tri-state since 1994. We've seen thousands of locations. We offer sound advice, wizardly assistance, permit processing: the choices that enable you to transform ideas into reality. Okay, movie tv commercial photo digital reality. 
Why dub thee Kingart Pictures? Simple: King Arthur, a superstar of legend and literature, was a wise, trusted leader in a wild and turbulent world. And he had very loyal and capable colleagues. And splendid Camelot. And a mystical sword. 
If you're interested in working with Kingart, call (646) 835-2910 or email to discuss your production.
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